Thermal/color-changing polishes seem to be a big trend right now, so of course I had to get in on that. :)

I did this one with Pretty & Polished Day Trippin’. The color change with this polish is really dramatic and satisfying: every time I washed my hands or walked into a room that was a slightly different temperature, my nails changed colors along with the temperature of my hands! For the purposes of these pictures, I dipped my nails in cold water to show off the dark color (sorry about the water spots!). I highly recommend trying this one when they’re back in stock.

I also used a new (to me) topcoat with this manicure—nails inc. Kensington Caviar—and I was SUPER impressed by it! The manicure lasted for a solid week without a single chip. This may be partly due to the polish, because it’s great quality as well, but since I’m wearing another mani right now that’s also topped with Kensington Caviar and has yet to chip, I think the top coat gets at least part of the credit!


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