Another Chicago Blackhawks manicure, and probably my last one of the season—unless things just get so crazy during the Stanley Cup Final that I need to cope by doing one more. But I’ll try to contain myself for the sake of those who don’t care about hockey!

This one was inspired by the four iconic feathers used in the Blackhawks’ logo. The base colors I used are as follows (from left to right, not including my thumb):
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Red My Lips
Essie Shake Your $$ Maker
Sinful Shine Bananappeal
FNUG Glamour
All four of these are topped with a coat of Tweedy from Sally Hansen’s new Fuzzy Coat line of textured polishes.
My thumb started with a base of Zoya Purity and then I did the black tips by using a little tape to get the straight line and applying Essie Licorice. The Blackhawks logos are from Tarlidada’s etsy shop.
Finally, all nails are topped with two coats of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly. I really need to branch out and try some new topcoats, but I’m just so addicted to this one! If anyone has any recs, though, hit up my ask box—I’d love to hear them!


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